10 Sweet And Savory Toast Recipes (All Under 250 Calories)

Toast might be one of the most underrated foods. It’s comforting. It’s cheap. It’s convenient. And, if done right, it can be good for you. Starting with a base of a whole-grain or even sprouted slice of bread, toast can act as a “vehicle” to get in some seriously healthy foods — or “toast toppers.” Here are 10 sweet and savory toast recipes that you can enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner (or even at snack time). And all are 250 calories or less!

#1 The Free Bird
This toast has it all: healthy fats, lean protein and carbohydrates that’ll stay with you — making this a perfect meal for any time of day. At just 215 calories, you can double up with two slices or pair this toast with a side salad and piece of fruit. Alfalfa sprouts aren’t typically touted as a superfood, but their antioxidant content keeps them in the company of Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Plus, they have plant nutrients that have been shown to help reduce the risk of some cancers and even heart disease, so sprout on!

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Free Bird

#2 The Sweet Thai
Sweet, ripe mango paired with tart Greek yogurt and crisp basil gives this toast a mouthful of wonderful flavors. A perfect breakfast or snack-time nosh, this combination is fresh and filling. You’ll want to take your sweet time savoring this Sweet Thai toast recipe.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Sweet Thai

#3 The Harvest
Despite its name, this toast can be enjoyed any time of year. Trying to lose weight? There’s even more reason to indulge. We know apples are good for us, but a recent study from Washington State University found that green Granny Smith apples may help prevent disorders associated with obesity, thanks to the amount of friendly bacteria that they help grow in the gut over other typical apple varieties – including Fuji, Gala and Red Delicious.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Harvest

#4 The Greco-Breko
The Mediterranean diet has been proven time and time again to be one of the healthiest diets, so you can feel especially good about munching on this Greek-inspired toast option. Creamy hummus and olives make this dish taste like a guilty pleasure, but they’re packed with fiber and healthy fats, respectively, while the potassium-loaded arugula gives this a fresh, peppery taste. Take a break from the day and snack on this Greco-Breko toast treat.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Greco-Breko

#5 The Hulk
This toast flexes some serious green muscle with the combination of peas and avocados topped with a spicy kick from a pinch of chili flakes. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can also add in a fried egg for added protein and nutrition. And at just 197 calories per slice, this toast will make you strong like the Incredible Hulk but without the bulk.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Hulk

#6 The South Beach
This SoFlo-inspired toast will not only (figuratively) transport you to the beaches of Miami, but, since it clocks in at just at 203 calories, you’ll (literally) be feeling and looking fit. Creamy avocado and fresh, juicy shrimp will make any day a beach day.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The South Beach

#7 The Goob
A “mature” take on a childhood favorite: Swap out sugary grape jelly for all-natural grapes, and add tangy Greek yogurt to peanut butter for creaminess and protein. A perfect breakfast or snack-time bite, this toast will leave you feeling like a kid again – or, at the very least, a grown-up goober.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Goob

#8 The Caprese
An Italian favorite, the Caprese is a beautiful and simple salad that is easily bumped up to meal status with the addition of a slice of whole-grain toast. Look for freshest ingredients possible – mozzarella, tomato and basil — and top with a quality balsamic vinegar for added tang.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Caprese

#9 The Lean & Mean
High-protein turkey paired with crunchy cucumber and sweet, tangy cream cheese is a perfect combination of flavors that’ll absolve any mean, “hangry” feelings you might have. This whole-grain, high-protein mix will help keep you full and build lean muscle. Who doesn’t love that?

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

The Lean & Mean

#10 Le Jambon
This is one toast combo that’ll definitely have you saying “oui.” Sliced deli ham with whole-grain mustard and cornichons (made from small gherkin cucumbers) make this savory toast option perfect for a lunch or dinner meal. You can also top it with an egg for a little extra protein and oomph.

10 Sweet and Savory Toast Recipes

Le Jambon

Do you enjoy toasts or think they’re overly trendy? Which of these recipe ideas do you want to try first? What do you enjoy topping your toast with? Share your combos with us in the comments below and/or follow Read 2 Enjoy Facebook.