30 second technique to relieve you from stress and headaches

There are 12 channels that connect the different organs of the body, so the tradition believes. These points start at the fingertips, travel to the brain, and then disseminate to various channels that reach a specific body organ.

There are active spots on our body that can be massaged to relieve pains and aches of different natures, and such acupressure techniques are also helpful to get rid of headaches. By using the technique of acupuncture you can relieve headache and stress in a few seconds.

A headache is not the most pleasant of feelings. Especially when it strikes you at work or on the road, when you don’t have pills handy, and you actually don’t want to take them until absolutely necessary.

Most common headaches tend to occur as a result of stress and tension. In order to relieve this problem and minimize their effects, we will give you some acupressure techniques that you can easily put into practice at home.

The point to press on is situated on your palm, between the thumb and the index finger. Connect these fingers to find it — see the prominent muscle on your palm? That’s it.

What should you do?

Press on this point so that your thumb is on the back of your hand, while your index finger presses from below, on the palm. Maintain the pressure for 30 seconds, then alternate your hands and do the same for the other hand for 30 seconds. If you’ve done everything correctly, your headache will soon dissipate.


Pregnant women shouldn’t practise this technique, as it may cause premature labor.