5 Mistakes that make you look older

There are a lot of changes to adjust to as you get older. Your metabolism slows down, those dreaded gray hairs pop up, and hangovers become an all-day event. When it comes to maturing, you already know what products to buy and what tips to try, but do you know what mistakes you’ve been making? With a few simple tweaks to your beauty routine, you’ll feel and look as fresh as you did when you were in your youth.

Wearing the wrong powder

The whole point of dusting on powder is to decrease shine — but is the product you’re using highlighting your flaws? Look for an HD formula: the microfine particles won’t settle into (and draw attention to) fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores.

Wearing the wrong powder

Not exfoliating regularly

Exfoliating is essential for all ages. Not only does it prevent bacteria from building up in pores and turning into acne, but shedding those old, dead layers triggers cellular turnover. That means your skin will work harder to create fresh new cells. You should be exfoliating your face and body at least twice a week.

Not exfoliating regularly

Not drinking water.

Hydrated skin is firm, radiant, and healthy. While regularly moisturizing goes a long way, you can give your skin a major boost by helping it glow from the inside out. Drink up!

Wearing too much black eyeliner.

You may have rocked the cat look in your youth, but now it’s time to put away the liquid liner and forgo the aggressive waterlining. That harsh hue is drawing attention to your crows’ feet! If you can’t give up lower liner, consider a softer shade like charcoal or chocolate.

Wearing too much black eyeliner

Forgetting SPF on chest and hands

If you’ve nailed wearing sunscreen on the daily, bring it on down to your chest and hands. After your face, your hands are the body parts that get the most sun exposure, so protect them.