The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

With more known about space than our very own oceans, the sea is a haven for mystery and adventure. Way down on the depths of the ocean floor is another universe entirely, teeming with extraordinary, unique life.

And because we know you’re as curious as us, we’re diving into the best scuba spots around the globe. Whether you’re into shipwrecks or colossal icebergs, we’ve got the goods on making the most of what lies beneath.

#1 Visit the USS Vandenburg shipwreck off the coast of Florida
The USS Vandenburg is one of the world’s most impressive shipwrecks, complete with a riveting nautical history. It’s a massive rusted American military vessel, anchored off the coast of Florida.

The ship is the second largest vessel in the world, and it was purposely sunk in order to become an artificial reef. It’s also part of Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail, a series of ships sunk from Key Largo including a Navy landing ship dock and the Spiegel Grove.

The dive has been dubbed America’s best, providing its most patriotic seascape with Star Spangled flags proudly hanging off the ship, and a real-life skeleton on show.

It’s not your average dive, and it’s only for advanced divers, so be sure to check out the USS Vandenburg website for a safety briefing and coordinates. If you’re unsure, you can take a guided tour with Florida Keys Diving – we wouldn’t want any more skeletons added to the wreck.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

The USS Vandenburg shipwreck

#2 Discover technicolour marine life in Raja Ampat
Indonesia’s archipelago Raja Ampat is bustling with biodiversity and marine life. From technicolour coral scapes to its endless diving spots, Raja Ampat has earned its reputation as one of the world’s most stunning reefs.

Fish of every imaginable colour illuminate the bright waters, while turtles, stingrays and other sea animals all call Raja Ampat home. Divers have praised the underwater coral networks for their beauty and diversity, discovering something new on every dive.

Particularly if you’re an amateur diver, guided tours are again recommended. Wakatobi in Sulawesi is a resort that offers diving trips and 40 word-class locations for divers including ‘the blade’, sunken treasure and ‘beyond the bath’.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

Raja Ampat

#3 Explore a haunted cathedral in the Bermuda Triangle
The famous North Atlantic island of Bermuda offers dope snorkelling opps. From archways and tunnels to shipwrecks frozen in time, there’s a plethora of explorations to be had undersea.

By far the most famous is the haunted cathedral, where an underwater dome lies sleeping at the bottom of the ocean. Diverse marine life resides throughout, and even inside – if you’re lucky, you might even spot the mysterious Bermuda sea hare, or the ‘undertaker’. But be warned, scare them and they’ll ink you with toxic purple residue.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

The haunted cathedral in the Bermuda Triangle

#4 Dive with whales in Norway
If you can brave the cold to go diving in Norway, you’re in for a treat: diving with orca whales! These magnificent ocean giants are known to cruise Norwegian seas, and many diving companies are able to take you right out to meet them.

The apex predators could probably swallow you whole if they wanted, but instead they’ll let you ride the waves with them, and seem cool with you tagging along.

If you can afford it, there’s even a tour hosted by professional wildlife photographers from BBC and National Geographic where you can photograph the orcas.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

Diving with a whale

#5 Experience an underwater moonscape in the Canary Islands
Ever wanted to feel like you’re on the moon? The closest you’ll get it diving through a moonscape in Montaña Amarilla, Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

The moon effect comes from the underwater lunar volcanic reef landscape and large rocky volcanic spires with arches and caves. It’s the stuff of David Bowie’s dreams. Hidden in the crater-like seascape are glass eye fish, garden eels, flounder and angelfish.

While you’re at it, make sure to take time to do some real stargazing while you’re there. The island is renowned for its stunning, clear skies – it truly is out of this world.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

Scuba diving at Montaña Amarilla

#6 Float beside giant submerged icebergs in Greenland
If swimming with whales isn’t exciting enough for you, how does zipping around icebergs sound.

During the colder months in Greenland, divers can see what really lies beneath the deep blue by wandering around submerged glaciers. It’s spectacular enough above the surface – seeing it from underwater is really something else.

While you’re in the area, make sure to look up and catch the spectacular Northern Lights. Nature truly can be godly.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

Diver swimming along an iceberg in crystal clear water, Tasiilaq Fjord, East-Greenland, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic.

#7 Visit an underwater sculpture park in Grenada
When National Geographic claims that a diving spot is one of the world’s coolest places, you know it’s legit. Grenada’s underwater sculpture park is exceptional. An artistic, underwater playground, the aquatic gallery is marine protected with sculptures revealing the rich folklore history of St George’s in Grenada.

Located in the Caribbean and surrounded by a tropical paradise, it’s hardly the worst place to book a diving trip, that’s for sure.

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

The 7 Most Incredible Diving Experiences In The World

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park