Business Dress Code: Follow These Seven Rules And You Will Look Great

You will look the best at any time – just make sure to always leave a fantastic impression.

Jeans with shirts with intense colors
The key is in choosing colorful shirts and ties in complementary shades and tight jacket in a neutral shade, which will be assembled with jeans.

Wear suit without the tie
Not that only you can wear a suit with a shirt and no tie, but under the jacket you can wear thinner and a nice sweater that will give you fantastic touch of sophistication and relaxation.

You can combine different shades
Experiment with different designs and decide to hold different designs, but in a similar shade and you and subtle pattern on the jacket to achieve the introduction of visual texture.

Business dress code: Follow these seven rules and you will look great

Combine different shades

Unbutton the highest button of your shirt
And with a thin braided tie you are ready for a casual Friday.

Upgrade with briefcase
Modern minimalists recommend the elegant and aerodynamic briefcase, but you will not go wrong with leather bag texturized, which is big enough to put all necessary things.

Business dress code: Follow these seven rules and you will look great

Elegant briefcase

Spread the options for footwear
Classic lace-up shoes are still appropriate for the office, but expand its range of less conventional shoes of leather shoes with double strap, suede moccasin boots up.

Perfect watch
A classic and sleek, leather watch will be the perfect accessory for every business man. These tips may help you choose the perfect watch for you.

Good luck on your next meeting!