How To Combine A Leather Jacket This Season?

See how you can maximize the potential of your favorite clothing items and look better than ever before.
You have a lot to go wrong when choosing leather jackets. First of all, you have to be sure that fits you perfectly. Let your side be narrow and follows the line of your body.

Methods of combining

#1 Grab your favorite pair of jeans (as long as is darker denim), white shirt and thin black tie. Put on a black bomber jacket and your favorite white sneakers and you will ideally connect formal and casual style.

#2 Dark brown fatique jacket with a pair relaxed baggy jeans, black / white T-shirt with prints and sneakers. Make your weekend outfit that casual sunglasses and gray beani cap.

#3 Try to combine your favorite leather jacket with a solid color or striped shirt. Look for inspiration in the style of Robert Pattinson and combine gray or black jeans with a dark red or dark blue and black bomber jacket.

#4 Try to reverse formally up, down casual look. Combine the elegant gray or navy pants with a simple neutral and complementary shirt and brogues boots with motocross leather jacket in the coffee color. With this combination you will learn the rules of a smart casual style. After all, what you can not wear with the leather jacket? It is a classic piece that will never go out of fashion.

#5 Let the stitching on the shoulders coincide with your shoulders, make sure that your waist is too narrow and do not opt for too long sleeves only because you do not choose too short.

How to combine a leather jacket this season?

How to combine a leather jacket this season?

Three styles of leather jackets

#1 Fatique – two breast pockets and sometimes have straps
#2 Motocross – a minimum of detail and nothing but two pockets at the waist)
#3 Bomber – there are lines on the sleeves and ribbed wool)

Most men decides on a black, classic leather jacket. But don’t be afraid to try the brown color of chocolate, cream or beige shades.

Enjoy the autumn!