Everyday Habits that Drain your Energy

A lot of our day is centered around the kind of energy we have. Energy, positive and negative, determines how hard we work and what kind of emotions we bring with us into the day.

There are a couple things that give us negative energy. Which is stuff that drains us, makes us feel more depressed and gives us more tension. If you do not want to have that try avoiding these things:

  • Sitting too long. Most of us sit in front of the computer all day. We aren’t made to relax our body all day. We do that when we are sleeping, which is what our body is accustomed to. Sit for too long and your body will begin to shut down, reducing the flow of energy.
  • Being passive. A passive lifestyle is created by not actively choosing what to do. This often happens when we are bored and just want something to do. Active people do not need these distractions. They do not encounter boredom. They choose what they want to do every minute of every day. Which leads to more reasons to have energy and our body will gladly go along with it.
  • Having to follow others agendas. How often has it happened to you that you forgot you had to help someone and your entire plan went down the drain? Suddenly you become stressed and overwhelmed because of this extra work you totally forgot about. But you have your own life to live. Following someone else’s agenda only means that you didn’t choose anything better to do. Saying “yes” too often adds many things to your schedule that drain your energy that do not even benefit you.
  • Skipping sleep. Remember the late nights? The Alcohol, partying and loud music? If you do remember, you will also remember how little sleep you got that night. The next morning you were dead tired, beat and probably invested the entire day in avoiding work and others as much as possible. Skipping sleep is the most common loss of energy. And, even though they wake up at 4 a.m., no successful person does it. They know they need their sleep to be energetic and have an amazing start into the day.
  • Eating heavy foods. Sugars, Red Meat, Wheat and fatty foods are all foods that take a lot of time and energy to break down. Don’t avoid these foods entirely. But cut them down as much as you possibly can and you will feel lighter, have more energy, and you will live a much healthier lifestyle!
  • Spending most of your day in the past/future. 20% of our bodies energy is used by our brain. Meaning most of our energy goes into our thoughts. Yet we spend most of this energy on thoughts that don’t even matter most of the time. We think about the past (which is over) or the future (which hasn’t happened yet) and waste all our energy on these thoughts rather than focusing on what we can do right now.
  • Being negative. Being negative drains more energy than being positive. Remember the last time you cried, or when you last had a big fight, how exhausted did you feel afterwards? And how energetic did you feel after having a lot of fun with your friends? Be more positive, speak as kindly of others as you can and treat others with respect and you will have more energy.
  • Planning too detailed. It is great to have a detailed plan. But all plans can fall apart in an instant. Do not invest so much time in the planning and invest more energy in actually doing what you said you would. Most of the time planning too much causes us to think about all the ways it could go wrong…
  • Relaxing too much. Relaxing is not bad or draining as long as it is kept within limits. What happens to us more often is that we start to relax… and then we relax… and we relax some more. Eventually we feel even more drained than before we started to relax! Limit the time you relax, make the most out of it and you will have more energy.
  • Switching Tasks too often. Different tasks allow us to take our mind off of things and to relax a little bit. But doing it so often means we have to restart over and over again. Starting to do something needs more energy than to keep going, as we all know by how much willpower it took to actually start working in the first place. Staying with one task for longer creates a state of flow, giving you more energy in the long run.
  • Not being ourselves. It takes a lot of energy to be someone we are not. Yet it happens quite too often that we think we need to be someone else. We act to please others, to fit in, even to be appreciated by people we do not even like. Trying so hard to fit in causes more harm than good. Allow yourself to be you, no matter what that means and no matter in what situation.
  • Not playing enough. Life is supposed to be enjoyed. Gain energy like the little kids again by playing around. Enjoy the little things and the big things. Gain energy by being more active, playing, goofing around and just enjoying life as much as possible!

We need to change our habits and start enjoying our life!