For Those Who Hate Cardio: Be Fit And Tightened Using These 5 Alternatives

All people are different, because they want and enjoy different things. One of them is exercising. Not all people want the same exercises or ways of exercise – some want more intense cardio training, and some want stretching exercises.

And there are those who despise cardio workout. For them, we created a list of 5 exercises that are perfect:

#1 Pilates
Pilates creates a connection between the brain and body using the muscles in the area of the torso and breathing. There are many benefits of Pilates as intensive work the abdomen, for women who have a sore lower back, it relieves pain for 4 weeks. And plus he is an excellent substitute for exercise when recovering from injuries in the knee or stretched muscles.

#2 Yoga
Contrary to popular opinion – yoga is not for vacation, but rather, it is intens exercise which combines the use of muscles and breathing tightening and firming the body.
Yoga can cure the hangover detoxification, infertility and heart disease. Women who practice yoga are under less stress and therefore yoga postures improves blood circulation and creating balance in the body.

#3 “Barre”
This type of exercise consists of a combination of poses inspired by ballet and other disciplines such as yoga and pilates and a mix of strength training with cardio weakly which is aimed at strengthening the muscles.
This type of training consumes a lot of calories, creates muscle mass, accelerates metabolism, prevents injuries and osteoporosis.


For Those Who Hate Cardio: Be Fit And Tightened Using These 5 Alternatives

#4 Working with weights
Women are often afraid of weights that they might develop hands like a man. But if you hate cardio, but you want to tighten and spend calories, then lifting weights is a form of exercise that needs to explore.
According to “Women’s Health”, women who lift weights reduce their weight by 40% more than those who exercised just cardio. The same article claims that those who lift weights will burn more calories while sitting – this happens because your muscles need energy after every workout for tightening.

#5 Dancing
Dancing accelerates heart and technically type of cardio, but those who hate cardio training should try dancing because it snatches their attention, improves memory and prevents the development of mental illnesses like dementia.


For Those Who Hate Cardio: Be Fit And Tightened Using These 5 Alternatives

If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.