Is Instagram Making Girls Look Like Drag Queens?

If you have been subscribed to gossmakeupartist, or Wayne Goss, you probably know he is a professional makeup artist whose professional opinion and knowledge are valued in the beauty world.

With the growth of the photo-sharing app, users are utilizing Instagram as a platform to share their makeup looks and artistry while others are turning to it for makeup inspiration. Goss has noticed a trend in heavy makeup looks that are gaining popularity and wants to address the issue he has with it.

He believes Instagram is turning girls into drag queens. In his YouTube video he explains how we are actually borrowing makeup techniques from drag queens that have existed for so many years.

You might be wondering what the problem with this is when drag queens are known for being talented with their makeup. Goss says we are not diluting these techniques.

Watch the original video here:

What’s your opinion? Do you think Instagram is making girls look like drag queens?