Men’s Shoes: 5 Mistakes That We Often Make

High-quality and effective footwear presents foundation for the style. However, if you make any of these mistakes, all the effort falls into the water.

#1 Flip Flops and Jeans
Flip Flops are ideal for the beach, pool, garden, but if you wear them through the city in combination with jeans, you’ll make a huge fashion mistake.

Men's Shoes: 5 Mistakes That We Often Make

Flip flops and jeans

#2 Untied combat boots
Although David Beckham a few years ago popularized this trend does not mean that we should always learn from his style. Jeans, which are recessed in a carefully untied boots do not look as bad as the expression of “masculine” man who carries it.

#3 Running shoes and suit
Often we see that men in the streets of the city combined suit and running shoes. Maybe you’re on the way home (from work) and more comfortable to you is to wear running shoes,than the shoes you wear at work, but ask yourself whether any man known for his fashion taste allowed to be seen in this (offside) combined?

Mens shoes: 5 mistakes that we often make

Running shoes and suit

#4 Shoes with square-toed
Big fashion NO. Even if you have this model of shoes in brown – get ready for the strange glances and jokes at your expense.

#5 Hiking Shoes “VIBRAM” with seperate fingers
These shoes for “barefoot” walking are perhaps comfortable and perfect for the best fitness goals, but remember that you have a neighborhood that will have to watch you while you wear them.
Barefoot in the wild? Go ahead. But running to the supermarket? Do us a favor and put on your “normal” shoes.

Have you ever made any of these mistakes?