How To Pack Your Clothes Into Teeny Tiny Suitcase

Whether it’s just a long weekend vacation or a sudden visit to relatives in far-flung areas, there’s always that dilemma. How can you pack everything you need in one suitcase without having to get another bag Luckily. You can easily manage to pack over 25 articles of clothing into one carry-on bag.

Here are the steps how to do it:

First, lay out all of your long-sleeved shirts, with the arms stretched out flat on a bed or desk. Place them one on top of each other, facing out like you see in the video tutorial below. Then lay the short-sleeved shirts on top of the long-sleeved, followed by pants, shirts and any delicates and toiletries you may want to bring on your trip!

Looking at this video may help you out even more:

One of our goals in life is to travel more and enjoy our life, and the best memories are from places you have just packed a little bag and go.

Pack your Teeny Tiny Suitcase and Enjoy Traveling