Real Man Care: Must – Have Products

These products must become a part of the dressing case of any man who takes care of his appearance and health.

Shaving foam
All the more fenomenal products which, in addition to the hair roots are softer, in a certain way nourish the skin. We recommend some of the products with vitamin E.

Universal cream
Taking care of the skin – the largest organ in the human body is very important, and if you feel that you do not need more than one cream for every part of your body, you can look for some of the great universal creams that are now on offer.

Real Man Care: Must – Have Products

Universal cream

Acute razor
Never underestimate the power of a quality razor. This simple device allows you precise and smooth shave, and thanks to it will be easy to get rid of hair from the top of the neck and above the lips.

A sharp razor also removes hairs that are very close to the skin without pulling out the hair follicles. The result? No annoying redness and ingrown hairs.

Foot care
Regardless of whether you decide for powder or cream, keep in mind that this is a product that every man must have, especially if he trains and sweat daily.

Apart from the pleasant feeling and a kind of refreshment that the compositions provide for foot care, they can act preventively to all the problems in this part of the body: from fungi to excessive sweating and body odor.

Most men just ran their fingers through his hair and he thinks he is done. Mistake!

Even if your hair is very short, comb every day and a good massage for your scalp and solve the dead cells.If you have a beard, for it use another comb, and combing is also required.

If you want to smell refreshing, easy recipe is to avoid perfumes with too fragrant ingredients. A light and airy scent with notes of basil and black pepper, wrapped in vintage bottles are ideal for warm days. Avoid “harder” and strong odors.

Real Man Care: Must – Have Products


Shampoo and shower gel
Many use only one of these products to wash the whole body, which is a big mistake. Most of the shower gel hydrates the skin, and most shampoos dry out , so you can achieve the opposite of what you want.

Even if this is not the case, and skin and hair require different treatment and different chemical preparations,you should use two different products.

Is there any product you would add to this list?