This Square In Brussels Has Been Decorated with A Carpet Of Live Flowers

Belgium is a country where they grow lots and lots of begonias every year. To show their beauty to the whole world, Brussels arranges the Flower Carpet Festival that dates back as far as 1971. The best gardeners of Ghent come to the Grand Place, the central square of the city, and make a flowery carpet of several thousand square feet right on its cobblestones.

Both locals and guests of the capital of Belgium can enjoy the wonderful view from the Brussels Town Hall balcony. The festival traditionally lasts four days.

It takes two years to plan and design the flower carpet. It usually takes about four hours, hundreds of experienced gardeners, and about the same number of enthusiastic volunteers to lay out the intended pattern.

Each year, the flower composition is dedicated to a different theme. In previous years, the central square of Brussels was decorated with carpets honoring Mozart, the Versaille gardens, the Middle Ages and alchemy, Art Nouveau, and Africa.

In 2016, the design is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the friendship between Belgium and Japan, and the design was laid with 60,000 begonias on almost 20,000 square feet. This time, the designers used classic Belgian and Japanese styles — the carpet pattern embodies the four seasons.

The opening ceremony of the Flower Carpet Festival was carried out on August 12 to the accompaniment of Giacomo Puccini’s Madama Butterfly. It ended with a magnificent firework show right above the carpet.