When this happens, the corona will no longer be able to survive!

The researchers noted that the largest eruptions of KOVID-19 included states located in a fairly narrow area of the Northern Hemisphere limited to the 30th and 50th parallel.

These include Italy, Spain, Iran, the United States, and South Korea, with more than 70,000 infected infections and of course China. It is concluded that the virus is best spread in certain climatic conditions. This temperature ranges from +5 to +11 degrees, and humidity from 47 to 79 percent.

Scientists from the UK are of the same opinion. They call the average temperature of 8 degrees “coolest” for this pathogen. If it is much warmer outside, the pathogen, according to them, begins to disappear.

Compared to the time in northern Italy, where the virus spread to other countries and countries, during February and the first half of March, the average temperature was in the range of +6 to +9. In South Korea, KOVID- 19 is slowly coming under control. Is it a coincidence that the subtropical air masses have recently arrived in this country and that the temperature in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, reaches +15?

Based on this logic, conditions may soon be created in Russia to reduce the rate of disease. For example, in April most of Russia will have warmer temperatures than usual. The risk zone will remain north-east of European Russia, the Urals, southern Siberia and the central regions of the Far East.

But besides the temperature factor, there is another one that works in all climate zones. Now in the Northern Hemisphere, spring has already begun. By May, the tide of solar radiation will almost double. In other words, ultraviolet rays will enter the atmosphere and purify the air more efficiently and practically kill the viruses.

It is difficult for a virus as a primitive organism to protect itself from ultraviolet radiation. Another good thing is that in spring “everything comes to life. Even immunity is stronger, and people are happier. Because of all this, the infection rate is starting to decline, “said molecular genetics specialist Dmitry Kwon.

However, we cannot rely solely on the weather in this situation. The main weapon against the coronavirus, however, is isolating the patient and respecting personal hygiene.